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about our company

Szemtész Ltd. Was formed as a producer organization from an initiative of fruit growers in 2003 and continues to operate today with a land area used for production that is larger than 300 hectares. The company operates in North-East Hungary, mainly int he Zemplén region, whose climate and geography offer excellent possibilties for fruit.

Our company integrates and assists in the production and support the marketing of the produced fruits in the region. Most of the products from the growers are sold as fresh fruits after storage in the cold store, processing and packaging. In some cases, such as stone fruits, the cold storage may only be a few days and the product will reach the customer shortly after harvesting.

What we offer

  • 1Wide range of varieties from Hungarian producers, competitive prices, individual packing types.
  • 2The applied quality assurance system is GLOBAL G.A.P., ’from the farm to the table’, environmentally friendly technologies are used by the producers.
  • 3The name „Fruits of Zemplén” has been used on the packaging of our products since 2008.

Trade relations

Janos Beres - Cold storage manager


  • Tel: +36-47-360-277
  • Tel: +36 20 216-19-99
  • our activity

    The main fruit varieties:
  • Apple: Rubens, Gala, Golden, Pinova, Fuji, Jonagold, Idared
  • Pear: Williams, Carmen
  • Apricot: Hungarian varieties, Bergeron, Goldrich, Pinkcot, Kioto
  • Cherry: Bigarreau, Szomolyai fekete, Linda, Katalin
  • Sour: Érdi botermő, Újfehértói fürtös, Debreceni, Kántorjánosi
  • Plum: Besztercei, Bluefree, C .Rodna, C. Lepotica, President
  • Consulting

    Production technology, plant protection and quality assurance recommendations to ensure high-quality goods.


    Eco-friendly and integrated use of plant protection, rational use of fertilizers and weight control goal of high quality, consistent and marketable goods manufacture.

    Commodity funds

    Ensuring adequate stock of goods to us is a priority. The fruits are sold to us after strict production technology standards.

    Quality assurance

    The GLOBALGAP operated quality management system applies to the current cold store for storage and distribution processes. In addition, the horticultural and fruit delivery are covered.

    Commodity tracking

    Produced in the region, controlled goods. We sell all year round fruits, wrapped up in customers' needs.


    Our products are marketed fresh or commodity cold storage, packaging and processing after. Our partners large and small retailers, chain stores, and individuals of you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    • Phone : +36 47-360-277
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